Clothing | FiveM Script

Clothing | FiveM Script

30.00 EUR

Ressource Description

The Clothing script is a unique fivem script with many functions and is very easy to install and use. It allows players to customise and change their clothing to better represent their character. There are also a variety of outfits and clothing items that players can purchase and wear. The Clothing script is a very useful and unique fivem script that helps players to better portray their character.


- Dimension - Player gets into a different dimension then other players
- Open Timeout  - Prevents spamming
- Mouse Camera - You can move the camera with your mouse
- Change Camera Zoom - You can zoom to a specific body area (Bottom right)
- Arrow Keys - You can select clothes with either mouse or arrow keys
- Save Outfit - You can easily save Outfits, set the price, set the name, set either private or public and share your Outfits to your friends

- Style Variation -  You can change the style variation of a item with either arrow keys or mouse
- Notification - In the config you can change the notification event to any notification system you want
- Locals - In the config you can change every notification message 
- Society - Can give a percentage of total price to a specific society

- Block Item - You can block any clothing item you want in the config
- Block Category - You can block or add any category in the config
- Custom Clothing Label - You can change any clothing item label to a custom label (example: T-Shirt 1 to - Awesome T-shirt)
- Custom Clothing Price - You can change either the whole category price or a specific item price
- Custom Marker and Blip - You can change a Clothing store for example "Gucci Store"
- Basket System  - for adding and removing clothes in basket
- Fast and Responsive 

Dependencies  for this resource:
* ESX 1.2 / Legacy
* esx_skin
* skinchanger
* @MySQL-Async

You can go checkout the video on youtube

You can go checkout the config file