Pause Menu | FiveM Script (ESCROW)

Pause Menu | FiveM Script (ESCROW)

10.00 EUR

Ressource Description

The Pause Menu script offers a customizable user interface, allowing server owners to adjust the menu to their liking. With a variety of features such as, customizable buttons, and the ability to add your own discord, our pause menu script enhances the gaming experience and allows for seamless breaks. Try it out today and take your FiveM gameplay to the next level!


- You can open map or settings
- Changeable logos, background, colors
- Good optimized (0.00 - 0.01ms)
- Changeable discord invite link
- Quit FiveM server button
- Information Tab (You can add you own server informations)

- Shows your Name, Job, Cash, Bank
- Inclusive background.psd
- Fast and Responsive

Dependencies  for this resource:
* ESX 1.2 / Legacy or QBCore

You can go checkout the video on youtube